Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chadari (aka Burqa)

I’m sharing these photos to remind you and myself, that beneath each Chadari is a determined and beautiful Afghan woman. Covered by cloth is a brave mother holding her child, a courageous sister buying groceries, a determined daughter making her way to an education center, a bride-to-be choosing her wedding outfit, a pregnant woman on her way to the hospital, a frail grandmother visiting family, a loved friend shopping for a birthday present…..and the list goes on.

To wear a Chadari may or may not be each woman’s choice, but despite this fact, they are still WOMEN. Being covered doesn’t lessen their worth as women. I don’t ask you to like or agree with Chadari, I sure don’t. All I ask of you as you browse through these photos, is to think of those who wear the Chadari, as what they are…people.

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